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  • Welcoming families with our FREE child consultations if you're an Arden House Member

    Sarah Farrier

Arden House Members

Benefits to you:

Save up to 20% on pay as you go fees.

We manage these plans in house, so you don’t pay for "administration" or insurance that you won't ever use! This means we can offer you real savings and benefits.    

Spread the costs of your consulation and hygiene appointments.

All X-Rays are included in your monthly subscriptions

Bespoke plans, just for you, mean you only pay for what you need.

Children, (under 18 years of age) can benefit too with plans suitable for them.

As a parent and an Arden House member your children are eligable for FREE consultaions with our dentists

Run by our Arden House team, it is easy to change your plan to suit your oral health needs and our highly trained staff will make sure you and your family get the most out of your membership.

Call us now to book an appointment and let us look after you. 01242 512 444