Ways to Pay

There are three different payment options for patients at Arden House Dental in Cheltenham.

Pay As You Go

Some patients like to pay for treatment as and when they have it.  Our dentists will give you a written treatment plan and we are happy to arrange appointments to suit budgets and pay days. Just let us know.

Arden House Dental Membership Plans

We have several plans that help you spread the cost of your consultation and hygiene treatments throughout the year. 

Each plan includes consultations with our dentists Sarah, Ian or Michael plus visits to the hygienist. We include x-rays in each plan too.

Find out more about the beneifts of becoming an Arden House Member here.

We calculate the monthly fee based on last year's practice prices so you can genuinely save 20% if you become a plan member. The x-rays really are free and because we manage these plans in house, you don’t pay for "administration" or insurance that you won't ever use!    

Affordable Finance  

Available for larger treatment plans to help you achieve your goals and have a healthy and confident smile. Our highly trained team will help guide you through the step by step application process.

For more information or to book an appointment call us on 01242 512444.