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Crowns and Bridges

Do you have a broken tooth?  Do you have damaged teeth? Is there a gap in your teeth that you find ugly or embarassing? You don’t have to live with it - Arden House Dental can help you fix the problem.

A ceramic crown is one of the best ways of saving and strengthening broken teeth. Dental crowns recreate the tooth’s original shape by fitting over the affected tooth.

The type of crown you need will depend on which tooth needs replacing; damaged teeth at the back need to be stronger, damaged teeth at the front need the most aesthetic materials to match the colour and texture of your natural teeth. We can recommend exactly the right type of crown for the job.  If it’s right for you, a CEREC crown will give you a crown whilst you wait – no messy impressions or 2nd appointments and temporaries.  This technology has revolutionised the service we offer. 

Some teeth don't lend themselves to the CEREC technique. For these we work closely with our laboratories where our technicians Paul or Sam will make the crown itself.

If you have one or more missing teeth, we can use a bridge. A bridge replaces the missing teeth with artificial ones, without the need for dentures. The artificial tooth / teeth are anchored to the natural teeth on each or one side of the gap - creating a bridge.

Our bridges are made by our technicians and we work closely with them to ensure that things fit first time and that the attached teeth have a natural look.

The relationship between lab and dentist is important. Together we create natural and lifelike dental crowns and bridges - with no fuss, no delays and no refits.

Read more about Sam and how he helps us deliver great results.

At Arden House Dental we will arrive at the best outcome for you by looking at your whole smile, making sure your teeth work together properly and that they look right for your skin tone and face shape.  

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If bridges or ceramic crowns aren’t the answer for you, there are alternatives to consider, such as dental implants or partial dentures.

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