Precision Dental Crowns and Bridges

No one wants a crown that doesn't fit or a bridge that doesn't quite work. You want it right first time - and it must look good too. So, whenever we need a laboratory made crown or bridge, we turn to Sam Ahmed at Precision Dental in Cheltenham.

Sam has worked with us for almost a decade. We know each other well and understand each other's skills.

Being based in Cheltenham, Sam picks up our work personally - impressions don't have to sit around or get jostled in the post. 

For large or complex cases, Sam will meet with our team at Arden House to discuss what's needed.  These case conferences ensure both your dentist and your technician know what the issues are and have already worked out a solution before work starts.

If it helps, Sam can attend a key appointment - to make sure he understands exactly what the next step needs to be.  Its also really easy for our patients to visit him if they need to - to ensure a shade or smile line is exactly right.

Its also about good systems so that work gets scheduled and completed on time.  Sarah, Ian or Michael specify a delivery date and we can be confident that this will be met.

So, whilst lab costs are an easy area for dentists to save money on (it would be cheaper to send work to China, for instance) we believe personal service matters. Sam's skill and attention to detail are worth every penny. 

Dentists and laboratory technicians are partners in good crown and bridge work.  It is the dentist who provides the starting point - the impression of the teeth or implants to be crowned or bridged.  This must be done accurately so that important characteristics are captured. If mistakes are made at this stage nothing else will go right. 

As well as taking the impression, the dentist will have decided what type of crown or bridge is required - he will have decided on the material to be used (such as gold or porcelain) and many other technical details.

Once an impression has been taken, its sent to the laboratory. Here's where the skills of the lab technician come in.  

Based on the dentist's requirements, the lab technician uses the impression to create the tooth. Through a series of firings and castings the technician produces a replica of the missing tooth.  More stages provide a glaze and natural shadings so that the crown has all the features of a real tooth.

Good technicians combine science and art - to produce incredibly strong but lifelike teeth that are hard to tell from the real thing.  

For beautiful dental crowns and bridges use our BOOKING FORM or call us on 01242 512444.