• I had two CEREC crowns earlier this year. There was no pain (the new vibraject injection) and a leisurely pace. I had delayed the treatment for a couple of years even though I was falling apart. My mouth is now totally comfortable and I only wish I had agreed with Ian to have them done earlier.

    Mr S, Cheltenham

Same Day Crowns

However much care we take of our teeth, life takes its toll and sometimes a filling is not enough.

Whether you have a sudden dental emergency or a tooth that is slowly giving up the ghost, damaged teeth, broken teeth and missing teeth can be repaired using ceramic crowns. At Arden House Dental we have invested in CEREC, the latest advancement in dental technology that allows us to provide patients with same day ceramic crowns.

CEREC has revolutionised the process of designing, producing and fitting ceramic crowns. If you have damaged teeth there is no longer the need for multiple appointments with your dentist or for a long delay, wearing temporaries, whilst your dentist sends the work away to a laboratory for them to make the crown.

CEREC technology enables any of our dentists to scan your teeth and use the images to design your new ceramic crown. The crown is then precision crafted in our state of the art milling machine – in house and whilst you wait. At the end of this process your newly formed ceramic crown will be perfectly colour matched to your existing teeth and securely bonded in place using a special adhesive, all within the same one appointment.

With a same day crown, you can first choose to watch this fascinating design process on the computer screen or if you prefer, you can head straight to relax in our lounge where your new ceramic crowns are then made, right in front of you.

With more than 25 years of successful continuous development and over 250 scientific studies documenting clinical security, CEREC is a treatment you can trust. The long lasting results from CEREC achieve a survival rate of 90% after 10 years which makes this treatment reliable, durable and a good investment.

The result – long lasting, natural looking ceramic crowns and a fabulous new smile - in under 90 minutes!

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