Dental Implants at Arden House

Ian and Sarah have placed hundreds of dental implants. With many years experience, and post graduate training you are in safe hands. Ian trained at the prestigious Straumann Institute in Switzerland and Sarah completed her training at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute right here in London. For many years Arden House has been a referral centre for patients across Gloucestershire and the South West and their friendly and straightforward style is well known and loved.

Mr. Jerry Farrier, a local Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant is also part of the team, enabling us to treat and advise even the most complex of cases.

Whether simple or complicated, between us we have probably seen it before so you can be assured of an honest, realistic opinion – explained in a straightforward way you’ll understand. In our hands this is a gentle technique and the dental implant success rate speaks for itself.  

At Arden House Dental we know that no one wants to loose teeth. Dentures and bridges can be excellent replacements but for many people these are a frustrating second choice – they want their teeth back! 

With dental implants you can :

  • improve your smile
  • laugh and kiss with confidence
  • eat all the foods you enjoy
  • speak with greater ease
  • enjoy an active lifestyle
  • improve your health

Implants can be used to totally replace dentures. They can also be used to stabilise them by providing a solid base on to which they can "click" home. 

Where some teeth remain, a partial denture is sometimes seen as the only option.  Now, as few as two implants can be linked together to form a stable fixed bridge - without causing damage to the remaining teeth.

If you have lost a single tooth, an implant and crown can avoid the need for a conventional bridge.

With dental implants you can smile, laugh and eat with confidence. Even biting into an apple will not cause discomfort or embarrassment. 

At your initial consultation, Sarah or Ian will take time to talk with you and assess your individual requirements. Everyone is different – your biology, when you lost the tooth even your job helps to make you unique. Our skill and experience in placing dental implants means we can take all of these things into account and suggest a treatment plan that meets your needs. We will clearly set out all your options, the fees and timescales involved.  

What do we use?

The STRAUMANN system is renowned for its execptional quality and relaibility. Straumann is a Swiss based company and a world leader in implant and restorative dentistry. Working with leading dental clinics and universtities, Straumann researches, develops and makes dental implants and related tools and materials.   

For more than 50 years, Straumann have focused on reasearch and innovation. As a result, the Straumann system is one of the most thoroughly scientificly documented implant systems in the world.  

The company also takes a leading role in education - providing state-of-the art training for dentists and dental nurses.  Straumann work closely with the International Team for Implantology (ITI). This is an independent network of eminent clinicians and researchers from around the world.  Ian Hazlem is a member of this group.    


Sarah has worked closely for many years with the ASTRA TECH Implant System. The Astra Tech Implant System EV provides function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony.

It has a unique combination of independant features ensuring a reliable, predictable and aesthetic result both in the short and long term. Material selection and thorough testing have demonstrated that the Astra Tech Implant System EV surpasses its predecessor is strength and reliability; Sarah has upgraded to this the Astra Tech EV system. The design of the Astra Tech Implant System EV is based on the natural dentition whilst still maintaining the benefits of the Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex™:

  • OsseoSpeed™- a unique fluoride-modified nanostructure implant surface that stimulates early bone formation and speeds up the bone healing process.
  • MicroThread™ - minute threads on the implant neck that offer optimal load distribution and stress values, improving the strength of the implant.
  • Conical Seal Design™ - giving a strong and stable fit, sealing off the inside of the implant
  • Connective Contour™ - gives the gum increased contact with the implant and a more natural looking appearance


Many years of research, science and documentation have revealed that the bone levels around these implants after placement is on average less than 0.3mm; outperforming the current standard norm. The variety of implants available ensures we can meet the needs of the individual. 

Give us a call on Cheltenham 01242 512444 or use our BOOKING FORM - we will be happy to arrange a consultation with Ian or Sarah.  

Want to know more? Read "Laugh Again with Implants" - a page that tells the story from the patient perspective. Our FAQs explain more about dental implants themselves.

Still not sure?  Read more about why Arden House is the Cheltenham dental practice for you.


For more general information on dental implants, visit:

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