Dental Implants - Frequently Asked Questions

Although implants have been around for a long time, people often have lots of questions about them - what they involve and whether they will be suitable in their case. 

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jaw to become fused with the bone.  They provide a solid base for new teeth.  The new teeth can take the form of crowns, bridges or dentures.   Using the same approach we can also use three or four implants to stabilise dentures.

How long will an implant last?

The first dental implants were placed over thirty years ago.  The success rate of implants is excellent and our success rate exceeds 98%.  This compares favourably to the many case studies carried out worldwide.  Many people choose dental implants over other procedures because the result is a natural smile that is stable and long lasting. Together with our long lasting crowns, bridges and dentures they are often said to be as good as having you own teeth back - as long as you look after them!

What does the procedure involve?

Each person has different needs.  At your first visit, Ian will take time to listen and understand your particular requirements.  He will also assess if implants will be right for you.  This may include taking some x-rays.  Based on this he will explain his findings and give you a written treatment plan and estimate of fees.  He may ask to see you again to take impressions of your mouth or to discuss things in more detail. Ian's aim is to create a natural looking final smile and he takes great care in planning how to achieve this. 

He may provide you with more than one option.  Once you have agreed on the best approach for you, we will arrange the appointment to place your dental implant(s).  This is usually done with local anaesthetic - just like any other dental treatment. The actual placement of the implant can take as little as 15 minutes but we make sure we allow plenty of time.  This helps make sure you are relaxed and not rushed. It also gives us time to prepare the room (we take cross infection control very seriously).   

In as little as eight weeks the implants can be ready to restore.  Once your teeth are restored, we will give you guidance on treatment after care.

Will I be without my teeth?

So that you don't have gaps whilst the dental implant is settling in, we usually provide a comfortable temporary replacement for your missing teeth. 

Will I be suitable for a dental implant?

If you are fit enough for routine dental work, you are almost certainly suitable for dental implants. Some medical conditions preclude their use but each situation is assessed individually.  We usually consider implants from seventeen years upwards but you can never be "too old" to be considered.

I am a smoker - is that a problem?

Smoking does affect the body's ability to heal.  Some research has shown that it can therefore affect the success rate of implant treatment. We are happy to see you if you do smoke and we have proven smoking reduction programmes that have been helpful for patients.

I am really nervous - can you help me?

We understand that people are nervous of dental treatment.  We have worked with many nervous patients and our caring, considerate approach has helped them overcome their anxiety.  We find that talking and discussion helps too - we offer as much (or as little!) information as you want. Ian and our Implant Co-ordinator Rachael are very experienced and will give advice and support at any time. 

Can I afford dental implants?

The initial consultation with Ian is free of charge.  At the end, he will give you a guide to your options and the fees associated with them. You can choose to pay as you go or we offer 0% finance over 6 or 10 months. 

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