How an Implant Retained Overdenture Helped Mrs T. Laugh Again

Last year Mrs T. had a new lower denture held in place by two implants. She loved the result and we asked her if she would explain what the process was like for her. This is her story.

Why did you think about having this treatment?

"I have an upper and lower denture - although I was happy with the upper, the suction on the bottom plate was not as good. If I was eating something hard (like nuts), if I was smiling or laughing, the bottom denture would raise.  I was self-conscious when I was out or with friends. I have worn dentures for a long time so I didn't feel the need to replace them completely; I just wanted something to hold my lower denture in place more permanently.

What was it like during the process?

Things were explained so very well. Ian went through the treatment with me so I knew what to expect. This included going through a detailed consent form - I was given a copy of this to take away and it was useful to have things written down. Ian talked about different pain relief options (he called them local, twilight and sedation) so I knew what my choices were there too. I chose local anaesthetic.

I planned to have the implants during the winter time so I could cuddle up at home if I needed to. I had the implants put in on a Thursday afternoon. It went very smoothly and I drove home afterwards. I felt fine and that was reassuring. I was amazed how quickly the sensation  came back after the aneasthetic and how little discomfort there was. I decided to stay at home on Friday - by Saturday it all felt normal.

Ian did give me his personal mobile number so I could call him directly if I wanted to - this was very reassuring. Rachael also rang me the next day to see if I had any questions, which was again very reassuring.

How are things now?

It has been a huge confidence builder. I am happy talking and smiling and I can eat whatever I want.

What would you say to anyone thinking of having dental implants?

They can have complete confidence in Ian - he's expert at what he is doing. Its all explained so well and written down. You get to choose the music you want during the time and if you want to watch a film instead you can do that too!"

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If you would like to speak to Mrs T. about what it was like, let us know and we can put you in touch with her - she is happy to help.

The photo above is a picture from our implant partner Straumann - until such time as we can get a web friendly photo of Mrs T.