Full and partial dentures can have a major impact on your smile and facial features. They need to fit well so you can eat and laugh with confidence. It’s important to get them right.

At Arden House Dental we believe making dentures should be a personal process. We want to get the best possible results for you so right from the start we involve you in their design, creation and fitting.

Nowadays, even full dentures can be made to look really natural. The type of teeth we use, the shade, the type of base, metal or white clasps, all help to create the best looking and most stable dentures for you.

Advancements in technology allow options for dentures that you may have never even considered. For example, you may want straight white teeth, a set that show age a little or fillings put into your dentures to make the teeth even more realistic.

You may be surprised at the available options and how natural they look!

You might also be surprised to know that dentures and dental implants can be used together. Some people are happy with the look of their dentures but the denture moves. Dental implants can be used to stabilise the denture so it no longer moves - giving the wearer new confidence in eating, laughing and talking.

We have other solutions for dentures that move - and will be happy to explain which approach might work best for you.

Dentures aren’t for everyone so if you are thinking about dental implants in their own right, speak to us about their benefits. See our Denture FAQs for answers to some common questions about dentures Cheltenham.

Read on for what you can expect when you come to see us.   

The Denture Consultation

Sarah, Ian or Michael will examine your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth. If you already wear a denture, they'll ask you how you get on with it and if there are particular things you would like to change.  Based on your conversation, they will help you decide what's best - it may be a new denture or a relining of your existing denture.  If implants could help, they will discuss that option with you. We will also discuss how you want the teeth to look - natural, Hollywood bright - whatever is your idea of "perfect". 

Preparing for New Dentures - Impressions

The dentist will take a primary impression (a mould) of your mouth - the part where the new denture will go. This is sent to our laboratory technican. He uses it to make a customised impression tray (for an even better and accurate impression) and then a wax representation of the new denture. If you have no teeth to judge shape or colour, he will use his skill and any particular instructions from you to choose the most realistic teeth.

Preparing for New Dentures - Try In 

A week later, your dentist will see you again. You will "try in" the wax model of your denture. You can see how it feels, how the teeth look and how it makes your face look.  All of these aspects are important and the denture "try in" should be right before the next stage. Once you are happy with how it looks and feels, the try-in is sent back to the technician to make your denture.   

Fitting Your Dentures

Your denture will be with us a week after your try-in.  The technician will have taken note of your comments and made any adjustments. At the fit appointment the dentist will make sure you are completely happy with the finished denture.  It should look and feel just as you had hoped. 

If you’d like to know more about the different types of dentures available to you or if you need replacement dentures, call us.

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Read the blog to find out more about looking after your dentures.