• The level of cleanliness and hygiene in all procedures gave me added confidence.

    Mrs D, Cheltenham

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

Dentists, refer your patient to Arden House

Referrals will be dealt with professionally and efficiently to ensure the highest standard of care at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Jerry Farrier is a Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who also works in the Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals; a trusted professional with many years experience, his skills enable us to treat patients in need of this specialist service on behalf of other health professionals as well as our own patients.

Although the removal of teeth and broken roots is the most common job performed by specialist oral surgeons, we are able to use the skills of Mr Farrier as an Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant to offer much more. 

Surgery can play an important and vital role where there is insufficient bone to enable implants to be placed. Such techniques often require sinus lifts and bone grafts and Mr Farrier’s wealth of experience in placing craniofacial implants means he can help in the most complex of restorative implant cases.

Soft tissue biopsies or complete removal of lumps, bumps, moles, cysts or abnormal looking tissue, both inside the mouth and on the skin can also be performed and we can arrange for samples to be sent to the laboratory for histology to provide a diagnosis.

Consultations into TMJ (jaw joint) pain, facial pain and salivary gland disease, and surgical closures of communicating sockets and apisectomies can be performed here at Arden House.    

You can undergo most types of oral surgery at Arden House comfortably under local anaesthetic, although we’ll always discuss alternative options with you if this is preferred. 


If you think you may need to see Mr Jerry Farrier, book a consultation using our BOOKING FORM or call us on 01242 512444.