Digital Smile Design

Unhappy with your smile? Can’t quite put your finger on what you don’t like? Need to improve your confidence? Let the innovative concept of Digital Smile Design show you your potential.

DSD is a revolutionary approach that uses digital photography and video to design the smile that is right for your face. It allows us to integrate aesthetic data about your face and use this to plan your ideal smile, knowing the finished result will still look like you, just a better version.

We can then give you a trial smile, so you see how your dental treatment will look - all before we even start work on your teeth. DSD software lets us work in closer collaboration with our lab technicians giving them a bespoke prescription to create the perfect smile for you. Try before you buy and be confident in your smile.


This is a new and exciting field in dentistry and Arden House is one of the few practices in the UK fully embracing DSD. Just like digital technology transformed the way we buy things, how we exercise and how we travel, DSD’s ability to blend different sets of information about your face will change how you feel about dentistry because there’s no longer any need for uncertainty or separation of treatments: everything can be digitally designed, approved by you, and implemented by us.

Patients using DSD report higher satisfaction because they can see the end result and are aware from the beginning the steps that are involved to give them their new smile, before it happens. 

The technique also has benefits for clinicians; we can share the smile design with other specialists and integrate it with other software to ensure you have harmony and clarity of the ideal treatments needed. 


Better analysis

DSD helps us carefully analyse your facial and dental characteristics, widening our diagnostic visualisation. Team members can add information to your storyboard so that the differences between your ideal smile and your current smile can be highlighted and addressed immediately. DSD enables us to evaluate the limitations and risk factors of your case, including asymmetries and those aspects that deviate from the ideal aesthetic principles. We’ll show you your storyboard so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.


Better communication – more predictable results

We used to ask you questions and write to the lab providing them with information in the hope they would interpret this correctly when looking at your models, maybe even alongside photos of your existing smile. Few measurements and ideals were available to the laboratory to guide them; they had now way of knowing how your smile, no matter how it would be created, should fit in your face.

Using a storyboard, DSD provides such unique and detailed information that your needs, desires and, most importantly, the physics of your face will be integrated from the day we create your smile. 


Faster treatment

The workflow described above means the design and the treatment plan are more accurate and the outcome known and agreed, therefore implementing DSD tends to be more straightforward, with savings in time and cost, while you are reassured you will be delighted with your smile.


Let us show you your potential - arrange a DSD consultation with Dr Sarah Farrier using our BOOKING FORM or call us on 01242 512444.