ClearSmile Aligners

Correcting the position of teeth with the aesthetic ClearSmile Aligner has become an important form of treatment in modern adult orthodontics. ClearSmile Aligners are smooth, comfortable and almost invisible, you’ll find that you forget you’re even wearing braces, and so will everyone else!

ClearSmile is a system consisting of a series of custom made transparent aligners, used to straighten teeth or correct gaps. They can be removed at any time but even when wearing them you can enjoy laughing, smiling and go about your daily life without the worries normally associated with more obvious metal fixed braces.

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Treatment with ClearSmile is comfortable because it uses very small amounts of pressure to gently and progressively correct tooth position.

The possible applications of ClearSmile Aligners are very varied. 

Photographs and impressions are taken of the teeth; from these, digital calculations are made to assess your suitability for the system and give an approximate lenghth of treatment time. Images and models can be created to represent the finished smile, so you can see the expected outcome before you even start treatment! 

The first aligner is fitted and the teeth may be smoothed to make room for movement.  Each aligner is normally worn for a period of 1 week before the next aligner in the sequence is used. As with conventional fixed braces, ClearSmile aligners may take more or less time to have their desired effect depending on the starting position of your teeth; the number of aligners required will vary from case to case and is reflected in the cost. Regular reviews during the treatment monitor your progress.

Once teeth have moved to the desired position, a very discreet retainer holds them in place, so they remain in their new position.

Sarah Farrier; “ClearSmile is a wonderful system that enables you to achieve the smile you want with confidence and comfort. It’s kind to teeth and can be combined with simultaneous whitening and other cosmetic treatments for the ultimate smile makeover.”

Sarah Farrier is a certified provider of the ClearSmile Aligner and we are delighted to bring this adult orthodontic system to Arden House Dental

What one patient said:

“I had been thinking of having my teeth straightened for literally years, but never found a dentist who instilled me with sufficient confidence to take such a personal leap of faith, this is…until a friend recommend Sarah Farrier.

"From the outset and initial consultation, Sarah filled me with confidence in a friendly and personable way regarding her dental expertise and ability to straighten my teeth with ClearSmile Aligners; the outcome: - in such a short space of pain-free time she gave me straight teeth and a confident smile! 

"It is of course important to look after my smile from here on in and the aftercare Sarah and the team give me is excellent. I know they have my best interests at heart and I shall remain a loyal and happy client.” Mr P Trotman December 2015

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