Why Choose Us?

There are some really good dentists in Cheltenham.  So, why make us your dentist?  We have thought about what its like coming to a new dental practice and why our patients come back to see us year after year.

A team you can get to know

We understand that seeing the dentist is a very personal thing and that it can be a bit of a shock if someone you liked isn't there next time.  You can be sure to see the same people each time so you get to know us and we get to know you. We are not part of a corporate group or retail chain.  We are a family owned dental practice so dentistry is our passion and we really do care - its our business. 

A nice place to be

The light and bright lounge, (some may refer to as a waiting room), has books, daily newspapers and of course magazines. With the comfy sofa and soft chairs you can relax to the music whilst enjoying a fresh cup of tea or coffee; so it doesn’t really feel like a dental practice at all. We work hard to make Arden House a really nice place to be.

The highest standards of cross infection control

We are committed to the highest standards. Our custom designed Sterilisation Centre ensures we meet the best in industry practice. You should expect nothing less.


The free car park is right outside which means you don't need to allow extra time. Evening opening hours and Saturdays mean we hope to always have an appointment to suit you.

Our standard of care 

We are proud of the standard of dental care we provide. Our patients know that our team of knowledgeable dentists and hygienists provide the most up to date advice for them and their family. We all need good everyday dental care but with years of experience and a commitment to further education, our dentists can advise you on your most complex dental needs. 

Ian and Sarah have placed hundreds of dental implants and all the team have skill in using the latest CEREC technology to repair damaged or broken teeth. If you are unhappy with your teeth we can help. You might not think that you want cosmetic dentistry but if you would simply like to change how your teeth look or feel, (a smile wish list), then we can advise you; there are many options available. 

Our Regulator also said "The provider had worked continuously to maintain and improve high standards of care by creating an environment where clinical execllence could do well." 

We listen

We listen so that we understand your needs and recommend the best treatment for you. Our reception team is friendly, well informed and genuinely pleased to help.

We have your best interests at heart

We will explain your treatment options and help you manage the cost of dental care. We provide written treatment plans so you know exactly where you stand. Our straightforward payment plans can help you manage the cost of your dentistry and that of your family.

Value for money

We don't set out to be the cheapest dentist in Cheltenham but you'll find we aren't the most expensive either. We believe in the quality and value of the service that we offer. Our fee guide will tell you what you want to know.

Investing in new technology

When it comes to dental care, new technology translates into better options and treatment so we are committed to researching and investing in the best dental technology. You can come to see us for your everyday dental treatment and whenever you need it, you have access to the very latest techniques.

Our sense of humour

We take dentistry seriously but have fun providing it.

To make us your dentist in Cheltenham  use our BOOKING FORM or call us on 01242 512444.