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The Great British Toothpaste off

Did you know there are over 5 different types of toothpaste? If you did know I bet you are confused by every single one. If you didn't this will be an education for you!


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Your Child and the Dentist. Everything you need to know.

We get it, being a parent is hard work. And on top of the humongous list of tasks you have to do you now have to start thinking about Dental appointments for your loved one. So here are some of the important points to remember.


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How to make a lasting change to your Dental health

So you've decided to go for it. You are going to make dental health a priority for the New Year. Great! Whether you want to introduce flossing into your hygiene regime or just resolve to visit the Dentist twice a year we are here to help. Here's our advice on making that habit stickier than a honey sandwich.

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Tooth Fairy Alternatives

The tooth fairy is widely accepted as a parenting standard in the UK. In a recent study it was found that the average payment left by "the fairy" is £2.10, a 60p rise on 5 years ago. Whilst just under 10 % received £10 - £200 for a full set of milk teeth. However, not all countries use the story of the fairy when it comes to disposing of their little ones' teeth.


Spain has the story of Ratocinto Perez, otherwise known as Perez the mouse. The tooth is again, left under the pillow. And the mouse will replace it with some kind of gift, not necessarily money. In Argentina some children leave their teeth in a glass of water. The mouse is said to be so parched from his rounds that he drinks the water and leaves a gift in the empty glass.

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Posted by Jeanne Naylor on 7 January 2016 | Comments