The Importance of mouthguards for contact sports

Posted by on 22 June 2016 | Comments

It’s no secret that contact sports such as rugby, American football, boxing, martial arts and hockey pose a risk when it comes to your teeth…..When watching these sports on screen, it’s guaranteed that you’ll see professionals wearing mouthguards, more specifically, custom mouthguards. Tooth-sustained injuries as a result of these sports include tooth intrusion, crown and root fractures and tooth avulsion.


It’s not all about your teeth….

Studies have proved that those who wear a custom made mouthguard are 50% less likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries during contact sports. The thickness of your mouthguard is another factor that comes into play, with the average thickness of a shop-bought guard standing at 1.65mm, vs 3.50mm for a custom made version, the latter being the more effective strength. This significant difference in thickness accentuates how much more resilience and protection is offered by an orthodontic mouthguard.


The ‘glove’ analogy….

The principal advantage of custom made mouthguards over those bought in a sports retailer, is that they fit your teeth’s structure and indentation perfectly – it’s essentially a protective glove for your teeth. You would never buy a pair of gloves that were too big, as they let all the cold air in, just as if you wear a shop-bought mouthguard, the excess space is exposing you to damage if contact should occur. A less important factor but still worthy of a mention nonetheless is comfort. As bespoke mouthguards are made to fit your teeth, they are significantly more comfortable than a shop-bought version, which means you can enjoy your sport without this on your mind.


How do Arden make my mouthguard?

A specialist here at Arden House will take impressions of your teeth so that an exact mould can be made – this will be the foundation for your mouthguard.


How do I maintain my mouthguard?

Protecting your mouthguard from high temperatures is important, as they are prone to reshaping if exposed to strong heat. Clean your mouthguard before and after every use and place back into a container to prevent any unwanted dirt from reaching it.


Can I wear my mouthguard if I’ve got braces?

Yes. Orthodontic mouthguards are made from high grade silicone and have rubber flanges designed to go under your lips, preventing your lips from hard contact with the brackets of your brace. Using a regular mouthguard for contact sports can actually result in a more serious injury, as the sharp brackets push into your lip with contact.