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  • I have a passion for new developments so whatever your needs, you can have confidence that we will bring both experience and up to date tools and techniques.

    Ian Hazlem

Dental Technology

At Arden House Dental, the latest technology and techniques gives you more options and better dental treatment

CEREC - Computer Aided Precision and Speed

Using this sophisticated dental imaging system we can make and fit veneers, crowns and inlays whilst you wait - procedures which traditionally take weeks and numerous trips to the dentist.  CEREC is transforming cosmetic dentistry and gives us the ability to offer an amazing service - literally Teeth in a Day.

The Florida Probe - Information is Power

All too often we see patients who are doing all the right things but whose gum health isn't improving.  The Florida Probe is a computerised probe that precisely measures key aspects of gum health such as pocket depth (deep pockets trap mouth bacteria and even the most committed flosser will struggle to keep them clean).  It's also a computerised charting tool which allows us to generate reports that clearly show your pocket depths, gum recession and plaque build up.  

These reports include health and lifestyle information to give you and your hygienist a clear picture of problem areas and so a route map for how to resolve them.  Its a highly motivational tool that has transformed our patient's oral health. Read more about it on our page called Full Mouth MOT.

Velscope - Mouth Cancer Detection

Dentists are trained to look out for the early signs of mouth cancers and many now screen for this as part of general check-ups.  But abnormal tissues including cancerous and pre-cancerous tissues may not always be apparent.  Early detection is the key to early treatment which is why we have invested in the Velscope.  It uses a harmless fluorescent light to detect early tissue changes that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Vibraject - Pain Free Dental Injections

Vibraject is based on a basic biological principle.  It is clever and safe -  a vibrating device to help make dental treatment free from discomfort.  It works because the light pressure of a vibrating Vibraject is carried rapidly to the brain on thicker more insulated nerves than the sensations from the dental injection itself.  The brain simply doesn't register the sensation of the injection and you feel no discomfort!  When Vibraject is used to give a local anaesthetic many people don't even know they have had the injection.  All they remember is the buzzing sound, like the wings of a hummingbird.

Isolite - Comfort in Operation

The Isolite system helps dentists and patients by combining a number of functions all in one. It brings together hands free suction, a bright illuminating light and a mouth rest.  Your dentist is able to see everything he needs to and he can direct the suction exactly where he needs it.  For you this means an end to that choking feeling if water builds up and because your mouth is comfortably held open - no more jaw ache.  You can just relax. 

Operating Microscope - Precision Ensures Success

Very few dentists have an operating microscope.  Ours gives superb magnification - perfect for intricate work.  During root canal treatment we can look right inside the tooth.  With such precision we can be sure that roots are thoroughly cleaned so we stand the best chance of success first time.

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