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Sunshine Comes to Arden House

We love dogs at Arden House.  Lots of our patients keep an eye out for our dogs Saffy, Meg and Cati who can be seen in the garden most days.

We also like to support the people that care for dogs and we believe in the important part that dogs can play in people’s lives.

One of our patients works with Guide Dogs for the Blind – “fostering” trainee guide dogs for the first year or so of their life.  Getting them used to people and all the places they might go with an owner.  When we were asked to help Sunshine we were delighted.

Sunshine is about 6 months old.  She is a beautiful dog and although still young, she is calm and really well behaved.  As much as we love dogs no one is allowed to stroke her or talk to her whilst she is working.

She sat with her foster owner in the waiting room for a few minutes.  Whilst her owner was in the dental chair, Sunshine sat in the corner (we took care to disinfect where she sat) and then escorted her owner downstairs again.

She wasn’t with us for very long but hopefully, when she accompanies her new owner to the dentist it’ll be familiar territory!

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