Get that new job or big order

Want a New Job? Get a New Smile!

A bit far fetched?  Not according to a survey from AXA PPP Healthcare. It suggests that 44% of senior decision makers in Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) believe that unpleasant teeth or bad breath would affect their decision to promote an employee – regardless of their ability.

And it gets worse  . . . . . . about half also thought that poor dental health or hygiene would have a negative effect on their choice to do business with someone.

Almost a third of SME bosses surveyed rarely (if ever) check their teeth before an importnat business meeting.  Men are twice as likely as women to remain careless about their oral health.

About 24 million peolple work in small and medium sized companies, so this survey really does suggest that many people are suffering career or business setbacks because of bad teeth or poor oral health.

Now the good news – we can help!

Come along for a consultation (you probably call it a check-up) with one of our dentists. Ian and Michael can help you decide if you need a wash and brush up or something more specific. People often worry about their teeth and sometimes feel that there is no solution – that’s rarely the case.

The “wash and brush up” – our friendly hygienists will clean your teeth and help you identify good habits to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  There are lots of tips and tricks – they are happy to share them – it’s their job.

We often see people who have been doing all the right things but still struggle to maintain the health of their teeth and gums. If that’s you, we have a great piece of kit called the Florida Probe that allows our hygienists to record your gum health in detail. They map the results and produce a report that allows you to see any problem areas.  They’ll give you feedback and advice on how to resolve the problem – and because it’s a report you both share, the hygienist can use it to track your progress.

Life takes its toll on us all and your teeth may well be suffering too. Red wine or cigarettes can have an impact on the brightness of your teeth and some of us are just born with darker, yellower or greyer teeth than we want.  Come and talk to us about teeth whitening. Our system guarantees the shade change so let a brighter smile lighten up your face.

And if its missing or broken teeth that are worrying you, bridges, implants or crowns can give you your smile back.

So, don’t let your teeth stop you getting that new job or landing that big order. Call us now and get that new smile!