Rugby World Cup: British Dental Health Foundation urges children to wear mouthguards

The British Dental Health Foundation has warned that children could face serious dental issues by not wearing mouthguards when playing rugby.

With the Rugby World Cup taking the country by storm, the leading dental health charity has taken a look at our children’s habits whilst playing sports at school. They found that only a third of our kids are wearing mouthguards while playing rugby at school

These findings likely indicate that there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to the dangers between oral health and sport. Not wearing a mouthguard can result in cracked or even knoccked out teeth – both causing serious pain and even a lifetie of expensive treatment

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said, “The Rugby World Cup is a fantastic occasion for Britain and also a fantastic arena for us to spread our safety message. When you see your team run out on that pitch, every single one of them will be wearing a mouthguard, they would think it crazy not to

“Mouthguards for children, therefore, should not be optional; they should be one of the first things in the kit bag. Rugby by its very nature is very physical and accidents happen, sporting injuries are a leading cause of adults losing teeth. Wearing a mouthguard is a simple and cheap way of ensuring kids safety.

The national charity went on to say that a well fitted and decent mouthguard can be purchased for between £40 and £50 – just ask your family dentist!

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