A New Smile for Our Charlotte!

At the beginning of the summer, Charlotte Hamilton, one of our lovely nurses, decided she wanted to straighten her smile with Inman Aligners.

“I had braces in my teens and wore my retainer for 6 months after, but my teeth gradually moved. My lower teeth were so crowded, they felt really uncomfortable and were really difficult to clean.

“I was really just hoping for an improvement of the alignment so the teeth felt more comfortable and easier to clean.

Sarah showed me the study models and treatment plan of the end result could be achieved. I didn’t really believe it could work that well given my age and how bad they were.
I am so happy with the result, I can’t believe I started this in the summer and now I have finished with a better result than I could have imagined.”

resizedimage600600 Before and after

Charlotte went on to say that, “On the day the brace was fitted it was a bit difficult to talk and the teeth felt tender. At each stage of the treatment the teeth felt tender, but this eased within a day or 2.

“I’m So glad I did it. The end result is more than I could have hoped for. I feel confident in my smile and keeping the teeth clean and gums healthy.”
Congratulations Charlotte – your new smile looks great!

resizedimage600901 Charlotte Hamilton3

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