Teeth whitening – why practice measures beat home methods!

It is true that the advances in over-the-counter treatment and medicine have seen significant development over the years, though there are some things best left to the professionals – especially when it comes to dental care and oral health. If you’re on the fence about whether to do a DIY job whitening your teeth or whether to seek the advice and treatment of an orthodontist, then here are 5 reasons to push you into the latter direction….



  1. Bespoke professional care – A good quality teeth-whitening method is bespoke, which cannot be achieved if you’re doing it yourself – how can you be accurate for a start? Non-bespoke methods and home methods can lead to damage. The ‘Tray based’ system is the correct path to take when undergoing teeth-whitening. It begins by being treated by your practitioner and is continued at home with simple steps. Simple and safe, you can get the best of both worlds – going on with your day-today life after having received expert advice that will set you on the right path initially.
  2. Damaging treatments–  The tray based system makes use of a peroxide gel that should not come into contact with the gums. An over-the-counter tray kit is low-quality and more likely to leek as it is NOT BESPOKE, thus leaving you with damaged gums.
  3. Non-effective – Many over-the-counter products do not use a bleach strong or effective enough to make much difference – you may be wasting your money on a placebo!
  4. Detrimental over-the-counter products –  Products such as teeth-whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes can be very corrosive to the protective enamel coating that shields your teeth from sugary food and drink.
  5. Lasting results vs short-lived – Cutting corners by taking measures into your own hands without any professional supervision can lead to declining oral care and often little or short-lived success. Although professional care may cost more, you’ll probably end up spending the same money on endless over-the-counter products as you would have done if you’d visited the orthodontist in the first place! Make a worthwhile investment by doing things properly from the start.