Fun Facts & Stats

Have you ever wondered how well you and everyone else looks after their teeth? Now you can find out with the help of the statistics and facts about dental care in the UK and in the United States.


–      59% of adolescents who are aged between 12 and 19 have had dental caries in their adult set of teeth.

–       5% is the average number of us who regularly purchase dental floss, indicated by sales statistics.

–       66% of adults have visible plaque.

–       43 muscles are needed to frown – only 17 are needed to smile.

–       A study shows that those living in the Midlands (UK) pay the least attention to their dental care, with 50% of people admitting       to brushing just once a day and 9% brushing not one over a period of 24 hours.

–       Londoners (UK) came in at second worst with 43% brushing only once a day.

–       A study in the US shows that Americans spend an average of 38.5 days in a lifetime brushing their teeth.

–       1 in 5 people do not remember when they last changed their toothbrush.

–       According to ReachMax, 83% consider the appearance of their teeth more important than their eyes and hair.

–       An average of 164 million working hours are lost in the UK due to oral health related problems.

–       28% of women in the United States brush their teeth after every meal.

–       50% of us brush our tongue when brushing our teeth.

–       In the UK, 24% of us would share our toothbrush with a partner, 18% of us with our children, 7% of us with a friend and 6% with a celebrity.




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