5 great and guilt-free Christmas foods for your teeth

Christmas is a time of extreme indulgence for most of us and can be a rough ride for our teeth! But many aren’t aware that some of our favourite Christmas foods are actually a Godsend for our teeth! Take a look at some guilt-free Christmas favourites below.

1. Cheese – Many of you will be thrilled to hear that cheese, one of Christmas’s most popular indulgences is not only no threat to your teeth, but actually helps maintain them! Eating cheese increases the production of alkaline saliva which in turn, neutralises plaque acid. This means that your teeth become more protected against dental erosion, the main cause of cavities and fillings. For those with braces, it’s also a big thumbs up, as it’s easy to breakdown and won’t get stuck in your apparatus.

If you’re not a fan of artificial health products, cheese is a great alternative to mouthwash albeit not quite as effective.

2. Turkey – It’s a crying shame that turkey is only a one-day-a-yea affair. Lean and packed with vitamins, turkey contains calcium and phosphorus that are beneficial to body and teeth alike, the two elements helping to keep teeth strong.

3. Nuts – Make sure you’ve got your nutcracker at the ready because did you know that different types of nuts can help your teeth in all sorts of different ways?
a) Cashews stimulate saliva which (like in cheese) neutralises the plaque acid on your teeth rendering them healthier.
b) Peanuts contain calcium and vitamin D which keep your teeth strong.
c) Walnuts are a veritable super-fusion of healthy minerals such as iron, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, fibre, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6 and magnesium – all great for maintaining good teeth.

4. Gingerbread – We couldn’t compile a list of guilt-free Christmas foods without a sugary option on the menu, which comes in the form of gingerbread. Low in fat and with less sugar than other sweet Christmas delicacies, it remains one of the season’s most popular treats and it’s no surprise – it tastes delicious!

turkey 2


5. High fibre veg and juicy fruits – High fibre vegetables help stimulate the flow of saliva, which the mouth’s version of a defence substance, neutralising the damaging acids you consume throughout your life. Vegetables such as broccoli and peas are good examples of such foods. Another not so favourable option but fitting the Christmas bill perfectly is the Brussel sprout Fruit which contains plenty of water, helps to counteract their often high-sugar content, making them a passable option for your teeth.

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