How to make a lasting change to your Dental health

>So you’ve decided to go for it. You are going to make dental health a priority for the New Year. Great! Whether you want to introduce flossing into your hygiene regime or just resolve to visit the Dentist twice a year we are here to help. Here’s our advice on making that habit stickier than a honey sandwich.


Eliminate “I can’t be bothered” moments

A lot of people get to “I can’t be bothered” because they feel that their new habit is more hassle than it’s worth. In order to avoid this you need to analyse your routine and thinking leading up to this moment. If you don’t do it because you are going to be late for work, tomorrow, get up earlier. If you are too tired, start your bedtime routine earlier, etc

Know that it will get easier

At the beginning new habits are timid, easily spooked beasts. One false move and they easily escape your grasp until next year. It is at the start of a new routine that you are most likely to break it.  But get through the first few days and you will start to gain momentum.

Baby steps

It’s a common myth that it takes 21 days to cement a new habit, the reality is approximately two months. However, fear not as this still isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of things. And every time you repeat your habit you are strengthening pathways in the brain bringing you closer to your goal. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.

The three R’s

Behavioural psychologists have developed a model of habit forming based on three R’s.





-The first stage: Reminder involves using a cue to trigger you to remember to do the habit. You have to decide this yourself. So if your resolution is to floss after brushing place your floss next to where you keep your toothbrush for a visual cue. If you need to book a dental appointment and it is the weekend set a reminder in your phone, simple hey?

Reminding leads to routine.

-Finally, make sure you reward yourself for keeping your habit up, you deserve it.


Don’t fret, you’ve got this. This time next year your teeth will be healthier than ever.