The Great British Toothpaste off

Did you know there are over 5 different types of toothpaste? If you did know I bet you are confused by every single one. If you didn’t this will be an education for you!


Whitening toothpaste: Everyone wants white teeth, yellow, discoloured nashers aren’t going to get you far on Instagram are they?! But this option is not usually the safest or best option for your mouth. They contain abrasive substances that help to remove surface stains by rubbing against the teeth when brushing. Some also contain chemicals to aid the process. Children under the age of 18 should stay away from them. The problem with whitening toothpastes over methods used by your dentist is that they only remove surface stains. Toothpaste can make your teeth approximately one shade lighter, where traditional methods can make them three to eight.


Sensitive teeth toothpaste: People that have sensitive teeth have trouble eating food that is extremely hot or cold. This can be caused by thinning enamel or a receding gum line that exposes dentine. This toothpaste works by blocking up the dentine so it is less exposed or numbing the nerves of the teeth. The great thing about this choice is that the more you use it the more effective it becomes as more dentine becomes protected.


Tartar control toothpaste: Tartar is plaque’s older, harder cousin. If plaque is left on your teeth for as little as a day ,it can start to form hardened tartar. Once tartar is formed it can only be removed by your dentist. It’s damaging to your teeth and gums, as it stops the teeth being cleaned properly and can lead to gingivitis. Tartar control toothpaste contains chemicals that help to stop the build up of tartar on teeth. Some even contain an antibiotic that help to destroy the bacteriathat cause it.


Bad breathe controlling toothpaste: Some of these use baking soda to help stop bad breathe in its tracks. The soda helps to change the pH of your mouth from one in which odour causing bacteria thrive.


Children’s toothpaste: It is worth getting separate toothpaste for your child. They come in different packages and colours which can help in the constant bedtime battle, and they also contain less fluoride.


Smoker’s toothpaste: This one targets tar and nicotine stains on the teeth and will help to counteract bad breath too.


So next time you are in the supermarket, hopefully you won’t be so confused.