Digital Smile Design Technology at Arden

DSD is groundbreaking technology that uses digital photography and video to design the right smile for your face. It allows us to incorporate cosmetic data about your face, using this to plan a prospective version of your ideal smile.



We can then provide you with a trial smile, so you get a look at how your dental treatment will look before you even undergo anything! DSD software allows us to work in close collaboration with our lab technicians, giving them a bespoke prescription to create the perfect smile for you – essentially you can try before you buy and be confident in our smile! 


Arden House are one of the only practices in the UK embracing DSD. Digital technology has transformed the way we purchase things and DSD is no exception. DSD’s ability to blend different sets of information about your face has changed many patients’ outlook on dentistry – there’s no longer any need for uncertainty – everything can be digitally designed and approved by the patient beforehand. 


Patients using DSD report higher rates of satisfaction as they have the opportunity to see the end result and are aware of the necessary steps involved in order to improve their smile from the beginning. 


From a clinician’s point of view, the benefits include the ability to share the smile design with other specialists and integrate it with other software to ensure that there is clarity between the required treatments.


Improved analysis

DSD can be used to analyse your facial and dental characteristics which helps widen our diagnostic visuaisation. Information can be added to your storyboard so that the differences between your ideal smile and your current smile can be addressed.  DSD also allows us to assess the risks and limitations of your case. This includes asymmetries and other factors that differ from ideal cosmetic ideals. Your dentist here at Arden House will show you your storyboard so that you can be sure you are making the right decision.


If you would like more information about digital smile design, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Arden House.