Inman Aligners – The Lowdown

Here at Arden House, many of our patients have benefited from the Inman aligner, a type of orthodontic appliance to straighten teeth.

Used specifically to re-align your front teeth, the Inman aligner focuses on getting effective, aesthetic results, fast. Treatment generally takes between 6 – 18 weeks.


Summary of the benefits:


–       Removable – you can continue enjoying the foods you love as this is a removable appliance. This also makes it easier to clean, unlike fixed braces which are notoriously difficult to clean as food becomes stuck in the gaps very easily.

–       Fits in with your day-to-day life.


ClearSmile Aligners

This type of treatment has become a prominent way of re-aligning teeth over the past few years. ClearSmile aligners are transparent removable aligners that put comfort and aesthetics at the forefront of its design, with no compromise on quality of treatment.


How does it work?

Our specialist Sarah Farrier will create impressions of your teeth in order for your set of aligners to be bespoke to you. Bespoke models ensure that the treatment is of the best quality – non-custom models can result in crooked teeth and thus a poor finished result.


Each aligner is removed every two weeks and replaced with another. This places the control into the patient’s hands, so there is no need for endless visits to the dentist.


A round-up of the benefits:

–       Transparent and therefore, inconspicuous – your friends and family will barely notice it!

–       This type of treatment is a big favourite of celebrities (many of whom generally opt for the best type of health treatment)! If they’re endorsing it, it’s usually a good sign!

–       As they’re removable, they’re easier to clean. Traditional metal braces can make this a very irritating task, as food and bacteria becomes trapped between the brackets and gaps in your brace.

–       You can still enjoy the foods you love, as with the Inman aligner. Fixed brace models do not allow for you to eat sticky foods, which rules out a lot of popular and yummy foods! As you can appliance, eating these type of foods does not jeopardise your treatment.


Many patients undergo braces treatment with other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, keeping tooth preparation to a minimum.


Our specialist Sarah Farrier is an expert where this field is concerned and can offer advice and a make a plan with you should you wish to undergo treatment.