Dental Implants at Arden House 

Dental implants are the most natural way to replace a missing tooth, as your body is very unlikely to reject them. They are made from titanium and connect to a restoration such as a crown or a bridge via an abutmen, acting as a new tooth root.

Dental implants are different for everyone and here at Arden House, we understand that each patient’s needs are different, so we come up with bespoke treatment plans to suit you.


When do I need dental implants? 

  • If teeth are stained and decayed by smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or fizzy drinks and are damaged beyond restoration. 
  • If you have missing teeth. 
  • If you have recently had a tooth extracted. 


Placing dental implants

Your dentist here at Arden House will assess whether or not you are eligible for dental implants and what method to apply when it comes to your restoration. The restorations are created by a dental technician. 


Placing dental implants is classed as a surgical procedure. Your dentist will create precision channels in your jawbone and the implants will be fitted into this area, in total contact with the bone. It takes around 2-6 months for the implant to fuse with the bone, so you will need to return to have your restoration fitted. 


Here at Arden House we use the ASTRA TECH system, which provides function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony. It combines independent features that assure an aesthetic and totally functional result for the long-term. The benefits of this system include:

  •  OsseoSpeed™- a unique fluoride-modified nanostructure implant surface that stimulates early bone formation and speeds up the bone healing process.
  •  MicroThread™ – minute threads on the implant neck that offer optimal load distribution and stress values, improving the strength of the implant.
  •  Conical Seal Design™ – giving a strong and stable fit, sealing off the inside of the implant.
  •  Connective Contour™ – gives the gum increased contact with the implant and a more natural looking appearance.


A quick-fire round of the benefits of replacing missing teeth are: 

  • You’ll improve your overall health – as missing teeth cause problems suchas difficulty breathing properly during sleep and with chewing and breaking down food. 
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem by using a cosmetic solution to improve your smile. 
  • Laugh and his with confidence. 
  • You don’t have to worry about implants falling out or moving out of place as with false teeth. 


If you would like to book a consutation to discuss your options, please do not hesitate to contact us.