September News at Arden House

Back to school and back to sport!

A new school term means your kids will be getting involved in contact sports such as hockey and rugby. These sports present their risks, which can be kept at bay by wearing an orthodontic mouth guard, custom made by one of our dentists here at Arden House.


A little on mouthguards and their properties….

Mouthguards are made by taking impressions of your child’s teeth, which are then used to create a bespoke mouthguard made from pliable, impact-absorbing materials such as PVEA polyethylene vinyl acetate and DVA 30. This offers resitance to laceration and the polymer is tasteless and odourless and therefore non-invasive during sports, so your child will be comforable and protected.  

IMG 1991 

Custom mouthguards – how do they work? 

The maxilla and mandible (upper and lower jawbones), are separated by the mouthguard which minimises the risks of concussion to your skull and brain and the thickness of the mouthguard diffuses the contact to your jaw. Mouthguards disperse and absorb the vibrations instigated from a shock blow which in turn, protects the front teeth from frontal knocks – this is why they are essential to contact sports!


OPRO at Arden House 

Here at Arden House we offer SmileGuard by OPRO, the official mouthguard of England Rugby and the most reliable form of oral protection if you or your children enjoy contact sports.

OPRO manufacture mouthguards for over 1,000 schools and sports clubs nationwide, and its SmileGuard is the first custom-fit mouthguard to carry a warranty, so your child is covered for up to £1,000 worth of private dental treatment in the event of an injury. You can read more about OPRO here. 


Arden News

– For those who weren’t aware, Michael our dentist and Claire our receptionists are both running in the Cheltenham Half Marathon to raise funds for Mouth Cancer Awareness, as we are an accredited practice. The half-marathon will be taking place this Sunday the 25th September. If you are taking part and need some motivation to get you through the event, check out Gloucester Live’s blog naming ’10 best places to eat after finishing’!

– The Cheltenham Literary Festival is fast approaching (7-16 October), featuring prestigious writers such as Ian McEwan, Chris Hadfield and Tracey Chevalier amongst many others. Other famous faces making an appearance include Tony Robinson and Sian Williams. This world renowned event, first established in 1949, is a 10 day celebration of writing, reading and authors attracting thousands from all over the world – one of the highlights of the year! 

– Our new downstairs surgery is now ready for patients! We’ve been undergoing a refit to transform into a 4 surgery practice, as well as creating a new ground-floor treatment room. This new space will benefit our hygienists, who have been running out of appointment space due to popular demand! The treatment room accommodates for additional cosmetic services such as safe and popular non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments like collagen fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.  

– New Vlogs on the way – Jonathan Fine and his team have been filming some new treatment videos for our patients, highlighing some of the different treatments offered by us here at Arden House. Watch this space – they are on their way soon! 

– We are thrilled to announce that Michael Simms, one of our dentists here at Arden House, has had a healthy baby boy! Wilfred Thomas Simms was born 20th September – congratulations!  


If you would like any additional information about out orthodontic mouthguards, please do not hesitate to contact us.