Why is your dental hygiene important?

Good dental hygiene is paramount in avoiding conditions such as gum disease, which can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated. These include periodontitis and gingivitis.

Gum disease is a painless process that is difficult to identify for yourself, as it can manifest no symptoms. You may not even notice that your gums are eroding so it is paramount to seek regular dental hygienist check-ups in order to prevent any serious developments. 

Mouth infections that are left untreated allow your mouth bacteria to make its way into the body.


Here at Arden House, our dentists work alongside our dental hygienists to ensure that each patient’s dental and oral hygiene welfare is being addressed and that facts are not contradicted. We believe that dental hygiene is more than simply attending an appointment for a scale and polish each year. Of course, it is important to remove the plaque and tartar that stain your teeth, but attending appointments with your dental hygienist will increase your awareness of oral hygiene rather than dental hygiene.


The role of a hygienist:

–       A hygienist can write out certain prescriptions.

–       Advise you on how to look after your oral hygiene.

–       Advise you on the types of methods you can apply at home to maintain good oral care yourself.

–       Carry out some cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and applying sealants.


Why visit our dental hygienist here at Arden House?

–  It can be difficult to see what is going on in your mouth – your dental hygienist can help by identifying and diagnosing any problems and acting to prevent them.

– Our dental hygeinists have an extensive professional background in delivering advice and carryinng out thorough scale and polish cleans. 


Florida Probe

Here at Arden House, our hygienists use the Florida Probe. This is state-of-the-art technology that can produce a report showing the health of your gums, which areas your need to focus on, the areas of your mouth you are neglecting and the impact of illness on your lifestyle.


If you would like more information about how to maintain good oral hygiene and healthy teeth, please contact us and we can arrange a consultation for you.