Christmas gift ideas for your teeth!

Christmas can be a difficult time to keep your teeth healthy…Why not choose some tooth-related treats as stocking fillers this year and keep the whole family filling-free!

Cheeseboards/Cheeseboard equipment

Cheese selections are a great Christmas favourite and various supermarkets stock different selections. Cheese is great for your teeth along with other dairy products which contain a lot of calcium which strengthens your tooth enamel. Cheese also lowers the ph level in your mouth which can help to prevent tooth decay.


Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B now offer a Bluetooth toothbrush that syncs up with your phone and offers advice based on watching the way you brush. These particular toothbrushes are built to remove up to 4x more plaque along your gum line, improve gum health and whiten teeth. It also comes with three brush heads, charger refill holder, wireless smart guide and travel case.


Novelty toothbrushes

These are great for kids and encourage them to get excited about brushing their teeth (which we all know can be a struggle!) Toothbrushes come in all sorts of colours and designs so your child can be more enthusiastic about brush time.


Dried fruit selection

Certain dried fruits contain high levels of sugar though they are a great alternative to confectionary – the lesser of several evils if you like! Dried fruits may not contain as many nutrients as fresh fruit, but vitamin C and B levels are generally quite high, making them a healthy alternative to less healthy Christmas treats.


Novelty timer

Timers are a great stocking-filler for kids so that they can time how long they are brushing their teeth for. Tooth-brushing can be made into a fun competition or game – challenge your child to time their 2 minutes each day and reward them every now and again for keeping to the timer!



If you would like more info about how to stay healthy this Christmas, please do not hesitate to contact us.