New Year New practice! 

A warm welcome back to all of our patients and friends after the Christmas period and a Happy New Year to all! 

We’re very excited to announce that we are currently refurbishing our reception and lounge area which has entailed plenty of knocking down and rebuilding of walls, moving cables and testing out paint samples! We know that coming to the dentist can be a very intimidating concept for many patients and  a source of extreme anxiety. We’re also very keen to create a warm and welcoming environment for patients so that patients’ time in the patient lounge can be a relaxing pause in your day. 

Our new patient lounge….. 
A little bit about the importance of waiting rooms….

A study carried out by the University of Montreal concluded that patients who listen to music before a dental appointment have less stress hormones than those who take medication to quell their nerves. Relaxing music or quiet radio in the waiting room can help patients gain some control over theirnerves and anxiety and we have received positive feedback about this from patients here at Arden House. 

Quizzes, puzzles and reading are also a welcome distraction in waiting rooms which is why we always have a selection of magazines and newspapers on hand in our waiting room. 


More changes to our practice…

We hope our customers like the more modern and colourful design as well as our comfy new sofas. We’ve also been busy clearing our garden area, ready for a new staff room, for which construction will begin this month. 

Further changes include making our reception area much bigger and more accessible and we will be bringing in new furniture and repainting this area to make it even more inviting to patients. We take the comfort and ease of our patients very seriously and hope that they will like the changes! Despite cosmetic changes to the practice, our friendly staff are here to stay and look forward to welcoming you! 


If you would like to arrange a consultation with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.