Treat yourself to cosmetic dentistry in 2017…..

Are you unhappy with a certain aspect of your teeth? Perhaps you have a cracked, damaged or chipped tooth that needs a crown? Or maybe your teeth have become discoloured overtime and you’ve lost a bit of confidence and the desire to smile? 

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Do you have a missing tooth or indeed several missing teeth? Here at Arden House we offer the next best thing to a missing tooth – dental implants. Implants replace your tooth’s root and a restoration such as a crown or a bridge is attached on top via an abutment. The implant is made from titanium and will fuse with your jawbone, making it a permanent part of your body. Smile, chew and kiss with confidence. 


Tooth whitening 

It is no secret that ageing causes your teeth to become discoloured purely through wear and tear, though there are other factors that speed this up including excessive consumption of alcohol, eating high sugar foods regularly and failing to adopt a healthy oral health routine. 

Teeth whitening is a bespoke process that uses custom made whitening trays to which a whitening agent is applied and then used to whiten your teeth. 

Please note that this procedure should always be performed by a qualified dentist with the correct credentials. There are many beauty therapists who perform the process using one-size-fits-all trays. This is dangerous, as the whitening agent can leak into your gums and cause serious damage. This cannot occur with custom trays as they are a perfect fit for your tooth structure. Here at Arden House, our dentists are fully qualified to carry out this procedure safety and successfully. 



Our orthodontic services include the Inman Aligner and Clear Smile Alingers. You can read more about these options here. Orthodontic treatment has many benefits including healthier looking teeth and indeed simply healthier teeth! When you have misaligned teeth, you will have unnatural gaps where bacteria can collect more easily and cause problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. If you are worried about treatment being invasive, there are less invasive options available – please contact us for more information. 


If you would like more information about the types of cosmetic and orthodontic treatment that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Arden House.