Orthodontics at Arden – Clear Smile and Inman Aligners 

What is an Inman aligner? 

Inman aligners are clear plastic retainers with 2 spring loaded aligning bars that fit over your four front teeth. As opposed to traditional brace models, the Inman Alinger places continuous gentle pressure, easing your teeth back in place. 


The advantages of the Inman Alinger

  • Fantastic results through the use of a single appliance. 
  • Cost effective. 
  • Easily removable and inserted easily as a retainer. 
  • Treatment can be completed in 6-18 weeks. 
  • Can be used to treat misaligned teeth or before aesthetic or restorative treatment. 

Your orthodontist here at Arden House will need to take impressions of your teeth so that your custom Inman aligner can be made up. once your appliance has been made up, you will need to wear the Inman aligner for 16-20 hours per day. We will invite you to attend regular check-ups throughout the treatment period – every 2-3 weeks so that your progress can be checked. 


 bigstock Invisible Aligners Plastic Bra 2

Clear Smile Alingers 


The advantages of clear smile aligners include:

–        Removable – you can continue eating the foods you love as your diet will not jeopardise your treatment.

–        Maintain good oral health – as clear alingers are removable, you can carry on looking after your teeth by brushing and flossing normally. This can be very challenging with fixed metal brace types, which make it difficult to reach the corners of your mouth where food particles and bacteria linger.

–        Discreet – The alingers are clear and therefore cosmetically discreet – you can still carry out that presentation at work without worrying about your appearance changing.


As with the Inman aligner, your orthodontist will take impressions of your teeth so that exact custom aligners can be created for you. You will need to replace these aligners every 2 weeks at home and wear them for 22 hours each day in order for the treatment to be successful. You will also need to visit us regularly so that your progress can be monitored.



If you would like to arrange a consultation with us here at Arden House, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a consultation for you.