Transform your smile in 2018…..

It’s time to welcome the turn of a new year and with a new year comes new starts and changes. Make 2018 the year you transform your teeth and restore confidence in your smile. 


Our team is made up of highly-experienced orthodontists who are passionate about what they do and whether you’re after short-term or comprehensive treatment, Arden House can help.

  • Inman aligner

Clear plastic retainer that uses gentle and gradual pressure to straighten your teeth. The treatment is a short-term solution to tackle mild to moderate issues. Our team can present you with computer generated images of how your teeth will look after the treatment period, so you’ll know the final outcome before you even begin!

  • Clear Smile aligners

An increasing number of adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment and have a particular interest in Clear Smile aligners, as they offer flexibility during the treatment period. Clear Smile aligners are an aesthetic type of appliance with a transparent finish and there is no brace hardware to be seen, so you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable brackets and archwires. The fact that they are removable opens up a number of benefits including being free to brush and floss as normal and continue enjoying the foods you love.


We can offer patients cosmetic dental services including tooth whitening and veneers. Tooth whitening is a highly popular treatment around the world and here at Arden House we will help you choose the right shade, taking factors such as your eye colour, skin colour and facial aesthetic into account in order to give the most natural-looking result achievable. Veneers are commonly used in conjunction with tooth whitening though they are also used to repair cracked, damaged, decaying and broken teeth. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is placed over the top of the tooth in question, restoring its aesthetic and function. Both treatments have no recovery time associated and take very little time to improve your smile. You can read more about veneers and tooth whitening here. 

Facial aesthetics

Accentuate any cosmetic dental treatment you have had performed by combining it with facial aesthetics treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox. Eliminating wrinkles and deep lines will compliment your new, younger and healthier-looking smile

State-of-the-art technology at Arden House

Here at Arden House in Cheltenham, we believe in constant innovation including in our equipment and technology and will always strive to offer our patients the best level of care. With this in mind, we have invested in the Florida Probe, a revolutionary piece of technology in gum health, allowing us to digitally outline the anatomy of your mouth and identify any complications more effectively than ever before.

We also offer CEREC crowns, a treatment that is rapidly growing and growing worldwide and it’s no surprise as to why. Offering patients the chance to have a brand new porcelain crown in a single appointment, CEREC saves you time and effort and delivers a highly-aesthetic restoration.

You can read more about this technology here. 

So there you have it! Transform your smile in 2018 with a little help from us here at Arden House.


If you would like more information about the range of treatments we offer here at Arden House, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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