Kate’s inman aligner story

In this guest blog, Michael Simms, one of our dentists, tells us about how he’s helped Kate feel more comfortable with her smile.

You may recognise Kate, she is one of our reception team here at Arden House.  Kate had mentioned to me a couple of times that she was concerned about the position of her upper front teeth but like most people she didn’t know what options were available.  Kate’s idea of orthodontics was what many of us have experienced as teenagers, removal of teeth and fixed metal braces or “train tracks” which you wear permanently for up to two years.  She wanted something that was quicker and less visible. Happily there are some great options available when the corrections needed are relatively minor and are confined to our “smiling teeth” – the front six teeth.

In Kate’s situation as you can see in the photographs she had a lovely smile before we even started, the rotations and position of the teeth were minor and so we opted for a type of brace called the Inman Aligner.


This is a removable form of brace and treatment can be as quick as 12-16 weeks, it does require you wear it for 20 hours per day.  This worked really well for Kate, here are some of her thoughts on the treatment:

 “The Inman Aligner really appealed to me as the look of the brace is very good, you can barely see it! My speech was slightly affected at the beginning but after a few weeks you could hardly tell I was wearing it. It fitted really well with my social life as I could remove it.”

Treatment progressed really well and we were finished in 15 weeks.  At the end of her treatment Kate said ““ The Inman Aligner worked really quickly for me. I am so happy with my treatment, my teeth look amazing!”

Below are the after photos, I have included one to show the retaining wire holding the teeth in position.  This is essential, if you are going to move the teeth they need to be held in position, without this they will move back to where they have just come from.

Both Michael and Sarah provide treatment with the Inman Aligner, if you think this might be suitable for you it is relatively quick and easy to assess.  We are happy to help.

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