Options for adult orthodontics

We get asked about options for adult orthodontics all the time.   Many people aren’t aware that there are new treatments available that can work much more quickly and less intrusively than the fixed braces or “train tracks” some of us remember from our youth.  Modern orthodontic solutions can change your look in a matter of weeks and although you will need to wear them consistenly over a period of time, you can remove them for special occasions or eating.  However the solutions are far less visually intrusive than you might think and often people won’t even notice you’re wearing an aligner!


So, if you want to fix a wonky smile or teeth that just don’t feel right for your face, here’s the lowdown on two of the popular options we offer at Arden House – the inman aligner and the clearsmile aligner.


If you’re interested in either of these treatments, just book in a consultation with either Sarah Farrier or Michael Simms.

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