When should your baby first see the dentist?

Looking after your baby’s teeth is essential.  From brushing their new teeth to their first trip to the dentist, the team here at Arden House are here to help you.

We advise that you bring your child to visit the dentist when their milk teeth appear (at about 6-12 months). This is so they can become familiar with the environment including the different smells and noises. They can also get to know your dentist and the rest of the team.

At a dental check-up the dentist can advise you how to prevent decay and identify any oral health problems at an early age in your baby.  Just opening up your child’s mouth for the dentist to take a look is all practice for the future.

When your child visits the dental team here at Arden House we make it a positive fun experience to stop your child worrying about future visits and help with lifelong dental care.

Top brushing tips for babies from our hygienist, Laura:

  • Start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as the first milk tooth breaks through (usually at around 6 months, but it can be earlier or later).
  • Brush twice daily, once just before bed and another time that fits in with your routine. Use a small headed soft children’s toothbrush and apply a smear of children’s toothpaste to the brush, children’s toothpaste should contain no less than 1,000 ppm of fluoride (check the label), discourage children from eating or licking the toothpaste. Brush the teeth in small circles, covering all the surfaces of the teeth with the paste, older children should be encouraged to spit out and not rinse.
  • The easiest way to brush a baby’s teeth is to sit them on your knee, with their head resting against your chest. Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t doing a good job, the important thing is to get your baby used to having their teeth brushed as part of their daily routine.  You can help by letting them see you brushing your own teeth.  Not all children like having their teeth brushed so you may have to keep trying. Try and make it fun! Silly songs always go down well.

For further information on dental care for your baby or to make an appointment for a consultation please call us on 01242 512444

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