Jade’s anti-wrinkle treatment story

We caught up with the lovely Jade B, who came in to see us last month wanting to reduce her wrinkles and fine lines.  Here’s her story.

“I decided to have anti-wrinkle treatment to reduce my frown lines and crow’s feet! They have been bothering me for a while and I was noticing them more and more. I think in a way the saying is true that every line tells a story however I still wanted these particular areas to appear smoother and find a happy medium.

I had a look at the website and found out a bit more about Jerry Farrier. I really wanted someone who is qualified and knows the ins and outs of exactly what they are doing if they are going to be working on my face especially. I was happy with the information and booked my consultation.

Jerry was more than happy to spend time with me answering my questions and explaining the procedure, materials and cost. I felt no pressure to have anything done at all and I felt confident with my choice. I was pleased to hear about the high quality materials that they use. I’m sure there are probably cheaper places and online offers on social media, but I wouldn’t have trusted the quality and expertise. How would I know what I was going to get? I was definitely happy to have my treatment carried out at Arden House. This way I also knew that if I had any queries I could come back and to top up my anti-wrinkle treatment I would be coming back here every 4 months or so.

So after my consultation, consent and planning appointment I booked in for my anti-wrinkle treatment. My experience was comfortable and straightforward. The nurse was lovely and immediately put me at ease while Jerry prepared the treatment. I had several tiny injections with a very fine needle and cooling gauze placed on the area immediately after. It was over quickly and carefully and I was excited to see the result.  When I left I couldn’t really see that I had anything done, I also didn’t tell anyone and no one noticed. Maybe just some small little dots?

I went to the evening clinic which was really handy after work, but you do have to stay upright after so I just sat up in bed a bit longer. I noticed after a week that my crow’s feet were smoother and my frown line was gone, but I still had my expression and movement. I am so happy with the result. I have exactly what I wanted and feel I was listened too and understood. Having somebody so experienced was invaluable and safety is paramount I think. I will definitely be back in 3-4 months’ time for my next anti-wrinkle appointment and would recommend Arden House to anyone considering it. My overall experience at the practice was great. The atmosphere is friendly and calm and the staff can’t do enough for you.”

Jade saw Jerry Farrier at Arden House.  To book your appointment, call us on 01242 512444 or see the link at the top of the page.

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