Patient Survey Results May/June 2019

We’ve analysed the results from our most recent patient survey and are delighted to share the results with you.

We sent out surveys between 13 May and 18 July 2019 to over 350 customers who had visited Arden House during that period.  71 questionnaires in total were returned.

We asked 10 questions and asked customers to rate us between 1 and 5 with 1 being the lowest score possible and 5 being the highest score possible.  The scores below show the average (mean) response.

QuestionAverage score (out of 5)
If you phoned to make your appointment, how helpful and courteous was the person you spoke to?4.68
When you arrived, were you greeted warmly and made to feel welcome?4.86
Did the dentist/hygienist come to collect you promptly at your appointment time?4.49
To what extent did the dentist and/or hygienist listen to you and clearly understand your needs?5.00 (Dentists)
4.93 (Hyg)
How confident are you about the effectiveness of the treatment you received today?4.96 (Dentists)
4.93 (Hyg)
Did the nurse supporting the dentist make you feel welcome, comfortable and well cared for?4.76
Do you consider we met your expectations in terms of cleanliness and steps we took to prevent any risk of contamination or infection?4.99
How likely are you recommend us to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?4.90

We also asked for general comments which were overwhelmingly positive.  A small selection are below.

  • “I have for years travelled from South Wales where I now live to ensure I receive the best possible dental care. I just wish you were still on my doorstep!”
  • “Both Sarah & Jerry are making my dental appointments a lot easier as very dental phobic but both put me at ease”
  • “Thank you for always giving a great service and for making me feel relaxed (which is quite a challenge!)”
  • “I have been coming to Arden House for many years and have always found everyone extremely helpful and pleasant not only the dentists and hygenists but all the staff.”
  • “Always a pleasure – thank you for being able to book me in at very short notice!”
  • “I am a happy patient. I’ve been coming for over 25 years so I must be!”
  • “I never in a million years thought that I would receive such care , thoughtfulness and professionalism from a dentists surgery. Now I consider you all as friends. For what you all do , thank you from the bottom of my heart xx”

We always look for ways we can improve though and had some helpful suggestions for improvements.  Responses from Practice Manager Katie Glancy in italics

  • “When I arrived, the waiting room was empty and the aircon was on full, it was super cold” (Thank you. We will ensure all receptionists check the temperature regularly and adjust accordingly)
  • “I find the chairs in the waiting room a little uncomfortable as they are so low.” (There is a higher chair near the door which some of our patients prefer but we appreciate the feedback and will review the general seating height during our next refurbishment)
  • “The process for making appointments for the next six-monthly check-up seems very tortuous and led to a queue when I was there. Would there be any time saving advantage in penciling in appointments for the next check-up before the patient arrives so that the receptionist could ask me whether I was free on such and such date, rather than asking me for my availability and then trying to find a space in the dentist’s schedule?” (Our dental software does make an automatic suggestion for the next appointments so I will be ensuring our reception team are fully aware of this)
  • “Prefer “clear” safety glasses (rather than orange), seeing that they seem to be a requirement these days. I would prefer none at all, and would be happy to accept any “risks” that could be involved.” (Thank you for this comment.  Dental lights are very bright and the black or orange safety glasses prevent damage to patients’ eyes.  They also offer protection from any flying debris or potentially hazardous aerosols and therefore we must insist that all patients wear them.) 

Thank you to everyone who returned a form.  We run surveys two or three times a year and will continue to keep you updated with the results.


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