Online resources to help little ones with teeth cleaning

Here’s some information from our hygienist, Kim Riley to help with daily routines for your little ones!

“At the moment a lot of us parents are homeschooling our children. I don’t know about you but for me this proving to be both challenging and rewarding. 

I’ve had a good look for some fun and informative oral health sites to help make brushing teeth and gums fun and understanding why it is important to do this.

If you are struggling, like I am, to stop my son walking around with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, which isn’t really cleaning his teeth properly, then these fun and informative sites may be of help: 

1.  (this is an NHS children’s Oral health care e-learning site) 

2.  Oral health foundation  

3.  ‘Colgate Bright smiles, Bright futures‘  

4.  Oral B have some great resources here. I particularly recommend the games they suggest here to make brushing teeth and oral care fun!

5. If you have a Sonicare, type ‘Sonicare for kids Oral health care games’ into google and this provides you with information videos, apps and games.  

I hope this helps with some activities at home and gives you some useful information.

STAY SAFE everyone  

Kim Riley


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