Sophie’s bright smile with Arden House

By Sophie Lydia Perkins

The Arden House Dental experience is lovely from start to finish. From entering the building and being welcomed by the reception team to relaxing in the waiting room with your favourite magazine and a coffee; it feels like a home from home.

Sarah was fantastic and put me at ease right away. We discussed my goals for my teeth, ready for my wedding. Sarah went through how to achieve it and explained the process to me. My goal was simple, I wanted a bright and dazzling white smile for me to look and feel my best on my wedding day. I already had quite white teeth, so for me this was to give it that little lift I wanted.

Going to a dentist is a must; your teeth and oral health are so important and having a dentist manage this is the only way you can be sure everything is well.

My whitening treatment began by first having impressions taken on order for the whitening trays to be made. Sarah made me feel really relaxed and she had a special skill of taking my mind away from the short time it the impressions were in my mouth. I was also delighted to learn, if I look after my teeth and the trays then they can be used again if you want to top up your smile another time without having to have further impressions! 

A week or so later I returned to have my whitening trays fitted; it was lovely to meet the Arden House team again. They were very welcoming and happy to see me. I was excited for Sarah to give me the whitening trays; she checked they fit and then again explained and demonstrated how to carry out my treatment at home. There were written instructions and pictures in case I forgot and the whole kit was packaged so nicely in a gift bag, it reminded me of a Tiffany bag, a little bag of loveliness!

Once I got home, I gave it a go, it was so easy. I only had to wear the trays for 45-60 minutes a day, so it was really easy to fit into my schedule; I tended to do the treatment in the evening after dinner, once I had cleaned my teeth. (The added bonus for me was it also stopped me snacking in the evening!) I was pleased that the gel Sarah uses does not dry out your teeth and risk additional staining from dehydrated teeth. 

Once every day or every other day if I was busy, I carried out the treatment. I was pleased to not experience any sensitivity; this gel also has a desensitising agent in it. My kit included 4 syringes of gel, you only need a tiny bit on each tooth and I achieved my dream bright smile with just two; I have kept the other two for a top up in the future. 

I am so pleased with the result. I would highly recommend this treatment, it is easy and effective and doesn’t damage your teeth. Being looked after by a professional dentist, using a high quality product is so important to know you are in safe hands.  Arden House and Cosmetic Clinic are excellent in their hospitality, it’s like getting your hair or nails done, it’s a pampering treat, and yes it’s a dentist surgery! Feeling good about yourself is something we all deserve, give them a call.

From the new Mrs Perkins

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