Global Excellence Awards 2020

Leading Innovators in Specialist Oral Surgery, Gloucestershire.

We were delighted to be presented with this award.

GHP, Global Health and Pharma is a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community. Established to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all themes and disciplines within 3 main categories; Human, Animal & Environmental Health.

They recognised what we offer and work hard to achieve. We have 2 Oral surgery specialists who work at Arden House, Mr Jerry Farrier, Oral and Maxillofacial Consultant and Thomas Lees, Specialist in Oral Surgery and Dental Sedationist. Both have a wealth of experience and hold substantive posts in their respective areas within the NHS.

Arden House Dental and Cosmetic Clinic not only treats our own patients, but we offer a referral service for our neighbouring clinicians across the county and beyond. We track our referrals and Sophie, our Surgical Coordinator, manages all aspects of the patient journey.

Now more than ever, due to Covid-19, NHS treatments have been delayed, for good reason. Private hospitals also opened their doors in order to improve NHS capacity, again reducing patient availability. Arden House continues to offer patients an alternative, both in location, time scale and cost.

Patients are able to self-refer or may be recommended to see one of our team by their own dental or medical practitioner. Patients are able to receive a high level of expert care in a comfortable and friendly environment; we are delighted to be able to bring this specialist oral surgery service to Gloucestershire.

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