Dental Emergency over Christmas?

The last thing you probably want to be thinking about over Christmas is going to see the dentist. However, emergencies can arise and can be very painful. It’s always good to know that you can rely on Arden House and our support network of Cheltenham dental colleagues for help should you really need to see or talk to a dentist over Christmas.

As you may know, we work with a few other private practices in the area to offer a 365 day a year emergency service. This service will available for emergencies from 9am to 5pm over the entire Christmas and New Year period.

The numbers to call between now and then are:

Thursday 24 December 07970 280959

Friday 25 December 01242 234048

Saturday 26 December 07920 004161

Sunday 27 December 07483 230632

Monday 28 December 01684 295867

Tuesday 29 December 07713 683952

Wednesday 30th December 07779 093428

Thursday 31st December 07445 988433

Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 January 01242 522230

Please note that the call out charge is £155 but there is no charge for advice over the phone. We reopen again on Monday 4th January 2021.

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