Warning Over Dangerous Teeth Whitening Kits

According to Which, consumer guide, nearly 60% of teeth whiteners bought from Amazon Marketplace, eBay, AliExpress and Wish had illegal and dangerously high levels of bleaching agent in them. Eleven, of the 36 tested, had even higher amounts than the legal limit dentists can use! However, twelve contained no active agent at all!

The legal limit of the whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, for gels supplied by your dentist is 6%, but only 0.1% for kits purchased by other means.

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, can burn your gums and cause permanent damage to your teeth. It also has no effect on existing restorations. The legal limit of these shop bought kits is actually so low they are unlikely to have much effect on the colour of your teeth.

The products Which highlighted have subsequently been removed from sale but evidently to insure you receive the safest and most effective treatment choose to visit your dentist. Dentists are experts in discussing the potential side effects and can help you manage them. They can also check this is the correct treatment for you and will deliver the outcome you want.

Sarah, Michael and Katherine are all happy to talk about whitening – let us know if you’d like to brighten up your smile.

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