WhatClinic Patient Service Award for great customer service

WhatClinic recently awarded Arden House Dental & Cosmetic Clinic their 2018 Patient Service Award for great customer service.

WhatClinic awards are based on WhatClinic’s ServiceScore – a rating generated from a combination of user feedback, review scores and other user interaction data gathered over time. To qualify for the award we ranked within the top 5% of our market.

Great customer service, trust and building patient relationships are very important to us. Patients can be very nervous and each member of our team has undergone training on how to make their visit as pleasant as possible. We also have a welcoming lounge with a spa-like feel to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Furthermore, attention to detail is also important to us. We treat every patient as an individual and will always create bespoke treatment plans to suit, making sure all patients are aware of their options when choosing their treatments.

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