High quality dental care that’s built around you

When you take good care of your mouth you will look great and feel great.

However, teeth are needed for much more than a brilliant smile. A functioning dentition enables us to speak and eat with confidence too. By establishing a thorough oral health regime you can improve the chances of keeping your natural teeth for life and maintaining any treatment for longer.

Alongside your daily routine, regular oral health checks are an essential part of dental care. At Arden House Dental we offer the latest in preventative care together with a range of restorative and aesthetic treatments.



Using advanced dental technologies we work with you to protect your teeth and gums against damage and improve your overall oral health. We will help you take control of your dental health, keep your teeth and mouth in the best condition possible and of course give you confidence and a reason to smile.

Repair your teeth

Have you recently damaged a tooth or would like old dental work replaced using more up-to-date techniques? Do you need a minor repair to a front tooth but you’re concerned about colour matching? At Arden House we offer the latest dental treatments and advice to help you keep your teeth looking great and functioning as well as possible.
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Replace your teeth

Sometimes a tooth is so badly damaged that the best solution is to remove it. If this happens we offer a number of solutions to minimise the effect of tooth loss, provide support for the surrounding teeth and restore your appearance. Our aim is to get you comfortable and replace the missing tooth quickly and efficiently and we will help get you back to normal as soon as possible.
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Straighten your teeth

Are you bothered by a single misaligned tooth, overlapping or crooked front teeth? Maybe you’d like a full row of teeth realigned or earlier childhood orthodontics has relapsed? Modern dental techniques mean that straight teeth are now within reach of almost everyone. From nearly invisible clear aligners and fast acting retainers, our tailored treatments are more discreet and convenient than ever before.
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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a way to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. All our dentistry is aesthetic and designed to harmonise with your natural teeth and appearance; cosmetic dentistry lends itself to those treatments nearly solely carried out to improve your smile or the appearance of your teeth. You might be unhappy with the gaps in your teeth, worn, uneven surfaces or feel you would benefit from brighter, whiter more polished looking teeth. With a wide orange of treatments from tooth whitening to veneers, cosmetic crowns and the ultimate digital smile design, the team at Arden House Dental can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.
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