It’s no secret that a happy, confident and welcoming smile can make the world of difference to the way we feel and how other people see us, yet many people are still self-conscious about their smile. Dental technology is constantly evolving and treatment is now more realistic, long lasting and more convenient than it has ever been. This means that more people than ever before are turning to their dentist to improve their appearance and boost their confidence.

At Arden House Dental we believe that everyone deserves a healthy happy smile. Sarah offers a unique process called Digital Smile Design, whereby she will design the perfect smile for you, all based on your face, your smile and your teeth. We can even show you your new smile, a trial smile, before you commit to treatment; that way we are all certain the plan is right for you.

Our cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are carefully designed to complement your overall oral health. We focus on achieving a natural look and the best long term results using where possible the most minimally invasive approach. Our dental clinicians will work with you to transform your teeth and your smile. We can help you fix everything from uneven teeth, old crowns and the gaps between your teeth. Or maybe you simply want to reverse the effects of staining or wear and tear to leave you looking better than ever.

Whether you’re considering whitening or veneers, a digitally designed smile or the latest CEREC reconstruction we can help, Sarah and the team have already helped hundreds of people to restore their confidence.

You may be surprised at how big a difference an experienced dentist can make.