Unhappy with your smile? Looking for a change that will transform more than just your teeth? Let us help you be a better version of you.

Dentistry is going digital. Digital Smile Design uses the latest in visual technology to design the perfect smile for you, based on your face, your smile and your teeth; along with your wishes we will formulate a bespoke treatment plan that will unlock your full potential.

Sarah with her team at Arden House Dental are experienced in the use of Digital Smile Design. We use this method to plan and create with you, your perfect smile. Digital photography, scans, models and sometimes video, are all used to capture your true personality and understand your needs. We analyse your facial features and existing oral health in detail too.

We will talk to you about your concerns, whether you want straighter, more even, better aligned or brighter teeth. You may have old photographs or pictures of a smile you’d like. All of this together enables us to create your individual smile. A smile bespoke to you, a smile that fits you and feels like your own. So when you smile, laugh and talk your teeth feel and look like you; just maybe a better version!

We can show you your new smile, before you commit to treatment; and in most cases can even let you try it out first too! By us both visualising the end result before we begin, we can better discuss, communicate and understand how you feel about the overall look and make any necessary changes before it’s too late.

Details such as tooth length, spacing and shape can be altered until you are happy with the final result. The DSD software enables us to work in extremely close collaboration with our lab technicians giving them a bespoke prescription to create your perfect smile. Every element is approved by you and implemented by us.

This is a new and exciting field in dentistry and Arden House is one of the few practices in the UK to fully embrace DSD. Patients report higher satisfaction because they can see the end result and are aware from the beginning of the steps that are involved to give them their new smile. This makes the treatment phase more straightforward, which can lead to savings in both cost and time.

Let us show you with digital technology how we can treat your overall smile, not more patch-ups, or “watching”, we can change how you feel about dentistry and your smile. We’d love to help you achieve your potential and give you the perfect “Zoom” smile. Book a consultation and we can talk.