At Arden House Dental we embrace the use of new technology and are dedicated to making your dental experience more comfortable and more efficient. That’s why we have invested in the Airflow. Airflow is an innovative way to clean and polish your teeth, remove harmful bacteria and brighten your smile.




By using a high-pressured spray of water combined with sodium bicarbonate particles we can remove stubborn stains and debris from your teeth quickly and painlessly. Providing a superior clean to the traditional scrape and polish, Airflow removes common stains from your teeth and can encourage the reappearance of your natural enamel.

Deep down, hidden between the teeth and gums in places that no toothbrush can reach, billions of bacteria grow under the protection of biofilm. Using a Glycine based or erythritol fine powder, Airflow will not only make your teeth look and feel cleaner and brighter, but it can also be used to remove plaque and soft deposits from periodontal pockets, eliminating the bacteria that can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Airflow gives you healthier teeth and fresher breath.

If you smoke, a Smoker’s Polish using the Airflow can remove these stains caused by smoking. Everyday life, drinking tea, coffee and red wine, can also leave you with unwanted stains which can now be efficiently removed, even from between your teeth.

An orthodontic polish – either before your treatment starts, during treatment, when oral hygiene can be difficult, or once you have your retainer fitted, will help you keep your mouth clean and healthy and make the most of your orthodontic treatment.

A Pre-whitening Polish using the Airflow will make sure you get the best result from your treatment, the gel can be placed directly onto clean tooth tissue which will improve the results of your treatment.

Sometimes we all just need a “pick me up”, our Sparkle & Shine treatment is just that. Using the Airflow we can remove stains, and hidden bacteria giving you a smile refresh, perfect in time for a special occasion.

The Airflow system is far more efficient and gentle than conventional dental cleaning, and so when deemed appropriate our hygienists will use this to help actively treat periodontal disease. Airflow is far less abrasive than scraping and polishing, which means there’s less damage to the teeth. It is ideal for patients who suffer from sensitive teeth as there is no direct contact between the teeth and the equipment. The tiny micro particles of powder also can fill any exposed dentine tubules and reduce dental sensitivity.

Lasting for up to a year, depending upon your lifestyle, Airflow will brighten your smile and give you healthier teeth and gums.